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How can we assist our clients? Acapas has been specialized in the supply/trade of armored vehicles from different manufacturers.
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Individually armored vehicles for our customers Acapas has more than 8 years experience in the market of armored vehicles. We do have access to several armoring companies worlwide and will get the right vehicle with highest quality standards for our clients. Acapas is placed in the northern part of Germany and has excellent contacts to several manufacturers. We will separate the market and quote only safety products with highest quality specifications for reasonable prices. In case of an order Acapas will make several inspections during the armoring process and will generate a written report for the client. We are also specialists for individual interior solutions: multimedia equipment, special features: radio sytems etc.
Parts Spare parts for armored and or ordinary vehicles complete wheels with runflat inserts with max. load capacity -always on stock- upgraded suspension solutions new high perfomance brakes heavy duty door hinges window lifter safety glasses wear and tear parts  
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Service A service team will assist our clients all over the globe within shortest time Individual Service Multimedia installation Individual interior solutions (leather, wood)
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acapas - armored cars parts service

Michelin PAX wheels (W222)

New original Michelin PAX wheel for armored S-Class: Mercedes-Benz (W222). Tire size: Michelin PAX 255-720R490AC

Special designed wheel for all Mercedes-Benz Limousines

One wheel with runflat insert do fit on all armored Mercedes-Benz Limousines: W126, W140, W220, W221

Complete Wheel with runflat inserts for Toyota (1.600 kg)

Complete Wheel with runflat inserts (18"). Fit on Off-Road vehicles: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Load Index: 1.600kg per wheel

Repair / Tire change - Runflat wheels

We have been specialized in the supply of new wheels with runflat inserts and the repair of customer supplied ones. We can nearly change all tires. Please contact us for further information.